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  • Philosophy

  • The meaning of the word 'Siloam' is 'the sent one, sent' as it is stated in the Bible(John 9: 1-7). Siloam Center for the Blind is the social welfare center sent for the blind.The slogan of our center is "From the cradle to the grave," and we have holistic welfare programs from learning and emotional support for children to the leisure activity for elderly people.
    It includes various areas such as job, education, leisure sports, production and supply of books, assistive learning, information technology equipment support, information provision, local social welfare, etc. for the blind. Our staff try their best for the welfare and the independent living of the blind.
  • vision

  • · Establish a self-oriented social welfare center for the blind
    · Choose and concentrate on the service aiming for
      the independence of the blind
    · Settle social welfare culture of the blind with the
      participation of the nation
    · Provide welfare service to blind around the world
    · Provide the global welfare model for the blind
    · Establish the leading welfare administrative system
  • History of Siloam
  • 2016
    - Development of mobile library application,'SiloamPone'and book reading application 'LuxDaisy'
    - Opening of CafeMore's 6th branch at Seoul Women's Plaza
    - Siloam Center for the Blind was awarded the 3rd Reverend KYUNGCHIK HAN Memorial Award
    - Korean Traditional Music Orchestra of the Blind was invited by Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Mongolia to perform celebrating holding the 11th ASEM Summit in Mongolia
    - Siloam Industry acquired KS certification(Street light tool, Tunnel light tool)
    - Siloam Center for the Blind was selected for Support Project for International People with Disabilities in 2016 by Korea Disabled people's Development Institute.

    - Projects of Siloam International Center for the Disabled People Start
    - Korean Traditional Music Orchestra Sydney, Australia Opera House Performance
    - Siloam E-Learning Center Service Begins
    - CafeMore 5th branch 'Gasan' Opens

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    Siloam Center for the Blind
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